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Some top tourist attractions of Dubai:



If you’re visiting Dubai in near future you should look into tour and tourism Dubai. You’ll find agencies that gave the tours of entire city or specific places. Dubai has countless places to go. But if you’re on a short tour visiting all places wouldn’t be possible. Select some places that you shouldn’t miss. And can only be experience in Dubai. Obviously for shopping Dubai mall is a must-visit place. As it’s the world’s biggest shopping malls with tons of activities. Apart from this you should add this places on top of your list.

Tourist attractions in Dubai:

Visiting Burj Khalifa is like a tourist tradition. It’s the world’s tallest building which only can be seen in Dubai. It’s look incredible from outside and inside both. And the fountain show with the sight of Burj Khalifa on the same deck. It’s one of the best fountain shows in world, so you shouldn’t miss it at any cost. Palm Jumeirah world’s largest man made island is also a place the no one should miss. An island build in shape of palm tree. Is home to many water activities and hotels. You should also visit expo city Dubai. Its home too many pavilions dedicated to different countries. Where the artist of the respective country perform. You can enjoy their shows.

Expo city also have pavilion where you can enjoy the transformation of Dubai from a desert to modern. City. If you’re in Dubai there in so chance to miss cruise dinner. Dining on the deck of cruise with live performances and mesmerizing view or high-rise buildings. At night this view looks out of this world. Theme parks of Dubai are really crazy. They are built on different themes. Outdoor and indoor both theme parks are present in Dubai to suit everyone’s preference.


Dubai is a place where you can never be bored. Book your tour from agencies of tour and tourism Dubai. Visit the city with the guidance of professional. A walk around the streets of Dubai at night is also recommended. The night-life of Dubai is really comforting and save.

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Some top tourist attractions of Dubai:

If you’re visiting Dubai in near future you should look into tour and tourism Dubai. You’ll find agencies that gave the tours of entire...

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