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Why do corporates love a 6-month car lease facility?



Most corporate groups in Dubai have an everyday routine of having their transport vehicles come on a rental basis. The official or company-use vehicles are mostly the ones they get on a contract of a 6-month car lease Dubai. Do you know why? Because it is worth contacting them on lease. It saves the company from issues and problems and gives them some fantastic benefits. 

No maintenance liability

The first thing a company enjoys in these lease vehicle contracts is no maintenance liability. If a company owns its vehicles, it must pay for their maintenance and take care of everything from regular maintenance to special procedures, insurance, and more. With rental cars, things are pretty simple; corporates can use these vehicles without any stress of keeping track of all maintenance schedules.

No capital investment

Buying a range of fleets for company use means a business will invest some capital there. Eventually, time and usage will depreciate on the asset, and that can even turn into a liability. Seems like a total loss for the company and a massive risk for business. Instead, a rental vehicle is a safer and better option. It does not involve capital investment nor pool in any assets or liabilities. Instead of buying cars, the business can use the same money for business expansion while using rental vehicles for transportation.

Well managed contracts

The rental car providers in Dubai are professionals and well-regulated companies. They make offers and have solid contracts for the business acquiring their services. With the help of these well-managed contracts, companies are on the safe side of enjoying the best vehicles and avoiding any mess in their dealings.

Acquisition flexibilities

Acquiring the vehicles that are listed in the contract is relatively easy. When businesses contract with rental companies, they only send their requisitions for the cars and eventually receive the desired vehicle in their service. It is pretty smooth and logical for both ends. By working on mutual benefits, both businesses have better chances of growth and business expansion while supporting each other with good dealings and services.

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